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Martial Arts Training

We instruct students from the age of 4 to 104. If your interest is learning self-defense, combative techniques, jiu-jitsu or even mma we can get you there. Even our smallest of students learn respect, honor and discipline; esteem building skills that will be carried on through life. All of our students learn techniques from day one that can be used for self-defense. Belt ranking material that is useful and applicable is what Mid-American Mixed Martial Arts is all about. You won't find a black belt factory here viagra en ligne though. We do not charge for belt- testings. We believe if you train hard, perform your requested material you EARN your belt. Hard work and commitment does pay for itself.

Cage Fighting

If you're ready to take your martial arts training to the next level and can envision that championship belt around your waist or if you've been interested in learning mixed martial arts, you have come to the right place. We push our fighters physically as well as mentally to be the best respectable fighters around and to step into the ring ready. We understand the pressure and the sacrifice our fighters go through and take it very seriously. Attitudes, however; are something we don't tolerate. If you want to fight at sanctioned events, many of which that are televised; then come see us. We won't waste your time and we expect the same.

Womens Self Defense

Lady's, we aren't about to leave you out of the loop. From time to time, usually once per month, we schedule a women's only self-defense seminar designed specifically to keep you safe in attack situations. The seminars are typically 3hrs long and are packed with informative statistics, easy to learn techniques and hands-on demonstrations to get you comfortable in any situation. Obviously, remembering all the techniques will be difficult in one class, but we make the seminars affordable enough to attend more. Our ultimate goal of course is to get you enrolled as a student, but if we can give ladies the confidence they need and the ability they need to defend themselves it makes it worth it. Check back often to this site or follow us on facebook for upcoming seminars.

Don Wilhelm

  • Founder & CEO of M.A.M.M.A
  • 7th degree Kajukenbo black belt
  • All around great guy
  • Ready to help you achieve your goals

Andi Wilhelm

  • Co-Owner of M.A.M.M.A
  • Master of women's self defense
  • Heck of a great gal
  • Ready to help you achieve your goals